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Painter and official copyst of the Louvres and Orsay museums, Anne-Sophie Bonno makes on order any replica of paintings or drawings : copy of masterpieces, portraits, landscapes, natures mortes, murals, miniatures... Each of her Works is made following the tradition of the old masters and their disciples (Cennino Cennini, Leonardo da Vinci, Delacroix…).


Francesco Guardi - Portico in Venice


Chardin Bas Relief


Leonardo da Vinci - The beautiful ferroniere


Francesco Guardi - San Giorgio Maggiore


Poussin-Finding of Moses, detail.


Nude from back - Interpretation in camaieu from a drawing


Gerard Van Spaendonck - Nature morte with peaches


Laurent de la Hyre - Madonna


J. Van Hulsdonck - Nature morte with grappes, 17th century

Copy at the Fine Arts Museum, Lyon

copy Anne-Sophie Bonno - Veronese - Detail of Bathsheba bathing

"this exercise of copy [...] is the source of a huge knowledge", Delacroix (who copied the Wedding Feast at Cana from Veronese)


Rebirth of old paintings by the copy

copy Anne-Sophie Bonno - XVIIth century familly portrait - Knight of the order of Malta

"You can be a great artist only if you make yours the spirit of the model" Ingres


Colors with Cezanne

copie Anne-Sophie Bonno - Cezanne - Peasant in a Blue Smock

Copy & Creation

copie Anne-Sophie Bonno - Berthe Morisot - the summer

creation Anne-Sophie Bonno - Sailing toward sunset

Copies for the Victor Hugo Museum, Paris, France

copie Anne-Sophie Bonno - Victor Hugo - Victor Hugo museum

copie Anne-Sophie Bonno - Adèle Foucher - Victor Hugo museum

Copies for the Victor Hugo museum, Paris.


April 2009 exhibition

To watch the interview on France 3

Exhibition Anne-Sophie Bonno - Gare d'Anjou

Anne-Sophie copying Saint Michel Archangel slaying the dragon from Raphael, museum of the Louvre Great Galery.


New Creations

From Venice to Brittany, the sea is a perpetual inspiration spring.


Anne-Sophie at the 2nd copyst exhibition, at the Louvre

This marine, copied at the Louvres was selected and was exposed at the exhibition,

City Hall of the 6th borough, Paris


Exhibition in a company

Clic on the picture to visit the Creation Galery.


Anne-Sophie on the Swiss TV

It was on SFTV, a channel of the Swiss TV for the emission "Einstein" - Clic on the picture hereunder to view the sequence (German TV).

Anne-Sophie shooting for the Swiss TV

Clic on the link here-under to visit the site of the emission

The sequence is named "Die perfekte Monet-Kopie", To view the painting, clic here.



Anne-Sophie exposes at the patrimoine
exhibition from 8th to 11th November 2007

Clic on the link here-under to visit the site



Exhibition summer 2007
at the Museum of Decorative Arts, Moscou

Clic on the lienk here-under to upload
the aticle of the courrier de russie in PDF format (175 ko).


Direction Russia  !

Russian Monastery

Member of the association « Un jour, un artisan », Anne-Sophie Bonno will be present at the French Fines Arts exhibition, from July 3rd to 8th at the Decorative Museum in Moscow.

This exhibition « La rue Violet, from Paris in Moscow » will take place under the patronage of His Excellence Mr. Stanislas de Laboulaye, Ambassador of France in Russia.

Association «  Un jour, un artisan » :


Fantasia interpretation from Fromentin


Georges de La Tour - New born


J. Van Hulsdonck - Nature morte with pears, 17th century






Michelangelo - Tondo Doni - Drapped detail


Rubens - Portrait of Clara Serena or of Infante Isabella's maid


Reiner Nooms, dit Zeeman - Marine, Bark docking a large sailboat, 16th


Vuillard - The young girl with the orange shawl


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