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Painting and drawing Techniques

Here are the different techniques I use for my replicas and my original works



Traditional painting :

Traditional preparation of the supports :

  • wood panel,
  • canvas,
  • copper,
  • cardboard,
  • canvas mounted on wood,
  • paper.

Traditionaly, the peparation is made of a first layer of glueing than several layers of binders and charges, and, in some cases, of a last tainted insulating layer : the primers. The preparation allows the support to receive the painting. It isolates the framework from the support and brings the perfect texture for the needed absorption degree and tonality.

  • « Lean » tempera : softening with "skin glue".

  • Tempera : painting with egg yolk.

  • Emulsion painting : with casein for instance.

  • Oil painting :
    With appropiates mediums (binders allowing the fixation of the pigments), different from time and places (French, Flamish or Italian).

  • Water-based gummed paints :

    Watercolor :
    Gummed water painting caracterized by its transparency and uses of paper reserves for enlightment. The binder is the arabic gum.
    An appropriate support is rag paper as it is thick, dry and has low water absorption.

    Gouache :
    Gummed water painting thicker and more covering than watercolor. Made of a thiker binder of gum and charges (chalk).
    The support is white or tainted paper.

    Watercolor Gouache :
    Mix technique that first uses watercolor then gouache for the highlights.


Traditional drawing :

  • Lead pencil

  • Black chalk or Italian stone, charcoal, chalk

  • Pastel :
    Pastel is a work based on smears, strokes, impasto and surcharges. Sometimes you use your thumb to dim your work. Pastel allows a smooth finish.
    The Support is tainted or velvet paper.

  • Sanguine  « blood stone » :
    Sanguine is a pigment made of iron oxides with chalk
    The support is white or cream paper.

  • Mixed technique :
    Drawing with the three pencils : Black chalk, sanguine and white chalk on tainted paper.

  • India Ink, sepia whsh drawing, sepia, walnut husk.




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